Flexiguy FG500 - Mic/Line/D.I. Preamplifier Module

$ 850.00

The Flexiguy is a microphone/line/direct inject (D.I.) preamplifier that offers up detailed and flexible tone, useful and controlled harmonic contribution and a somewhat "tape-like" dynamic response.

The overall architecture and design, careful component selection and custom parts manufactured exclusively for the Flexiguy combine to make this a unique device that is anything but a one trick pony. Overload characteristics, when pushed, are designed to be creatively useful. When operated more conservatively, working between the two operating modes (described below) and with or without the impedance converting pad engaged, the utility of this module is quite broad.

While Flexiguy is primarily intended as a mic preamp, it's large core input transformer and D.I. input can easily handle line level input sources (i.e. for additional makeup gain, tonal coloration, line driving, or other creative purposes). Its transformer-balanced output is capable of driving loads as low as 300 Ohms. When used in Purple Audio Sweet Ten racks you get access, via the 1/4" Opt Out connector, to an additional unbalanced output which can drive even heavier loads.

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