Blenda PLP502 - Parallel Loop Processor Module

$ 625.00

Blenda provides a parallel insert loop with three selectable loop operating levels/impedances for optimal utilization of a wide range of external signal processors, and continuously variable blend and output level trim controls to optimize the balance between the un-effected direct and effected loop return signals and output level.

Three loop modes accommodate balanced or unbalanced signals, matching the operating level and impedance to a variety of different equipment, including effects pedals and electronic instruments, as well as traditional outboard gear. A polarity reversal switch (“phase”) inverts the return signal for creative nulling and cancellation effects, such as turning an EQ into a bandpass filter, or turning a compressor into an expander/gate.

Blenda enables classic parallel processing (parallel compression, for instance), while occupying only one slot of any standard “500” Series enclosure. Parallel inserts have traditionally required that one splits signal to two mixer inputs to create direct and effected channels. Blenda provides the functionality and signal path of a premium analog studio mixer and adds optimization of level and impedance of the effects insert loop to match to pedals, synth and hi-fi devices... a feature that no studio console we know of incorporates.

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